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Kleen Media Brand Description

About – Lifestyle

Kleen Media is a leader in cutting edge nightlife. We bring together the trendsetters and tastemakers and represent a ground breaking new brand of entertainment. It’s our years of experience executing events that result in smooth, carefree evenings for all involved. The foundation of Kleen Media is provoking unforgettable atmospheres and interactions, so our success rests on your enjoyment. Creative themes, sexy clientele and eclectic sounds mean good times are always in the cards. From white color to blue collar, celebrities to socialites, the possibilities are endless, but the common denominator is excitement.

About – Corporate

Kleen Media is the vehicle that will carry you to the feet of your target market. Our results speak for themselves when it comes to bringing companies and brands together with affluent, urban professionals in memorable and effective ways. We provide unrivalled avant-garde expertise on gaining the attention of the hip, in-touch, consumers who will drive your company down the road to prosperity and notoriety. With years of experience in New York City and Los Angeles, Kleen Media executes and delivers the results companies need to make a splash in the marketplace through our cutting edge approach to event planning and management. Our track record of consistent success gives us the leverage to help define what’s cool along with what needs to be recognized. It’s this trust between Kleen Media and our audience that allows us to associate your company with what’s in, what’s fresh, what’s now and what’s “wow.”

Biography – Mark & Sergio

Mark Holland and Sergio Senatore are the two men behind Kleen Media. These two engaging, forward thinking entrepreneurs have built an empire on a brother-like bond, strong networking skills and unrelenting work ethics.

“People see the late nights because we are orchestrating so many events, but they don’t see the early mornings, and Kleen Media is just a two man team,” says Sergio.

They have a mutual trust that began over a decade ago when Sergio moved to New York City to join Mark, who was bored with Toronto and had moved there a year earlier. Mark worked as a personal trainer, bar tender and eventually got into club promoting – as Sergio joined him, also looking for his place in the world. With his head down, blinders on and nothing but time on his side, Sergio did his part busing tables, modeling and also working behind the bar. After sometime networking and getting his feet wet Mark started throwing parties and Sergio a.k.a. DJ Kleen became his go to guy on the turntables. Thriving in the go-go-go mentality of the city, they made their mark in one of the world’s most competitive cities for nightlife entertainment.

After a few years, they got a taste of the west coast when they relocated to Los Angeles for a change of pace. Mark continued throwing parties and also took on acting, staying true to his creativity – an attribute the pair had in common from the very beginning. Sergio continued to DJ and landed in clubs, hotels and lounges across the city, frequented by a plethora of celebrities among others.

“We absorbed so much culture and knowledge,” says Mark. “And we wanted to bring back that diversity to the entertainment industry in Canada.”

After a decade south of the boarder, they returned to Toronto to change the way their hometown partied. In 2005, they officially joined forces and Kleen Media was born. But without many contacts after years living in the U.S., they had to get back into the social scene and build up their contacts once again. They applied the lessons they learned in New York and Los Angeles and quickly established red hot brand recognition and a reputation as leaders in providing cutting edge nightlife.


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