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Honest Music Press Release

July 2011 – Honest Music Signs Deal With EMI

(Toronto, ON) Introduce yourself to Honest Music. A record label birthed from The Remix Project is now officially a part of the EMI family. Boasting a fresh, diverse roster of young artists, the label will provide music that connects not necessarily along the lines of genre, but with the hearts and minds of listeners on an instinctual level.

At the centre of Honest Music is a belief in music made with integrity, birthed from truth and delivered with authentic feeling. Also excited about this deal, EMI brings to the table pressing and distribution which includes marketing support as well as a nurturing cast of industry mentors for Honest Music’s young professionals. The partnership marks an exciting shift in the landscape of the Canadian music scene, giving a platform to the fresh, youthful talent blossoming north of the border.

Honest Music prides itself on being entrenched in the culture of today while participating in the creation of tomorrow. It’s with this in mind that the label is committed not only to releasing music, but fostering artist development from the moment of inspiration to point of sale. While the label plans to release various singles throughout 2011, its lead project is Give Money, Make Change. Scheduled for August 2012, it is a collection of music by Remix alumni as well as the extended community.

As a social enterprise, Honest Music acts as an extension of The Remix Project, the world class charity focusing on cultural and creative incubation. While Remix nurtures, mentors and enables young people in creative arts, Honest Music takes it one step further by providing a platform for such world class talent. The label emerges as a testament to the power of The Remix Project and its alumni. From talent to staff to Label Manager Adiel Papa (Remix Alumn), Honest Music allows homegrown minds to make a mark on a world stage.

A short film narrated by actor Jamie Hector (The Wire, Heroes) and directed by director in residence Maurico Ruiz accompanies this official announcement and digs into the heart of Honest Music’s vision. As the label continues to scout and develop talent, a series of viral videos will soon be available to the public to further explain Honest Music. Entitled Honest Moments, the short videos introduce the world to artists who’ve emerged through The Remix Project by capturing them in their natural creative environments.


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